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At ISG, we’re committed to using best practices that minimize our carbon footprint.

All trailers equipped with air dams, consolidated lading, DFP filters and zero idle policies at all times

All trucks below 6 years old, maximizing efficiency in their routing and empty miles

SmartWay Carrier Program

Our Corporate Waste Reduction Program involves removing paper from our processes, a no plastic cup and utensil policy, strict electronic shut downs after hours, and investing in infrastructure that supports waste reduction


We’re always looking to improve our societal impact, both within our organization and with the many communities we’re involved in.

We routinely support local food banks

We actively contribute to local and national charities every quarter

We sponsor community events and local sports associations

Looking forward, we are working toward involvement with Trucks for Change, as well as acquiring membership certification with the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada


We’re committed to constant review of our governance methods involving employees, clients, partners and vendors.

“We have strict anti discrimination policies and and internal Code of Conduct at ISG”

“We vehemnently reject all discriminatory behavior based on race, gender, class, culture and sexuality, with violations of these terms being grounds for termination”

“ISG puts significant focus into staff retention through a corporate culture that is open, inclusive and fair”

“Career advancement and financial opportunity along with personal and professional growth is available to every single ISG employee interested in Delivering Success”

Let’s work together.